A dedicated luminometer called PLUME (Probe for LUminosity MEasurement), based on registering Cherenkov light produced in quartz material by particles coming upstream from the collision region is designed for the LHCb operation in Run 3. It will deliver online luminosity and a number of visible interactions per bunch crossing measurements for the luminosity leveling, also per bunch, measure the radiation background induced by the accelerator or poor quality vacuum, produce alarms, measure the level of the ghost charges, cross-check the LHC filling scheme in real-time, contribute to the centrality determination in the fixed-target program, and provide accurate offline luminosity determination.


With contributions from:

  • IHEP (Protvino, Russia)
  • ITEP (Moskow, Russia)


Technical documents

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  • PLUME coordination: P. Robbe (IJCLab)
  • PLUME technical project coordination: S. Cholak (EPFL)
  • PLUME operations coordination: A. Carbone (INFN)
  • Responsibles for PLUME sub-systems:
    • Simulation – O. Bezshyyko (TSNUK)
    • Detector – Quartz: A. Boyarintsev (TSNUK)
    • Detector – PMT: V. Chaumat (IJCLab)
    • Detector – Mechanics: O. Duarte (IJCLab)
    • Readout – Front-End: F. Machefert (IJCLab)
    • Readout – Back-End: A. Carbone (INFN)
    • Readout – DAQ: E. Graverini (EPFL), P. Robbe (IJCLab)
    • Monitoring: M. van Dijk (CERN)
    • Infrastructure: O. Duarte (IJCLab), V. Puill (IJCLab)
    • Installation and integration: O. Duarte (IJCLab), V. Puill (IJCLab)
    • Analysis: V. Balagura (LLR)


Testbeam at DESY, 2019

Testbeam at CERN North Area, 2021



Speakers and editorial board

Members of the speakers bureau

Fabio Ferrari (INFN) fabio.ferrari@cern.ch

Lesya Shchutska (EPFL) lesya.shchutska@cern.ch

Patrick Robbe (IJCLAB) patrick.robbe@ijclab.in2p3.fr

Vsevolod Yeroshenko (IJCLAB) vsevolod.yeroshenko@cern.ch